About Us: Meet the Team

Owner of San Francisco Bay Area bakery


Owner & Cake Pop Artist

My name is Emmie and I am the owner/baker/decorator/cake pop magician! I work with sweets full time and I love my job more and more with every cake pop I make! As a home based business, I work over time to make sure my business is not overseen as “just another home business” but a business that is taken serious as any other storefront business. I started this wonderful madness by helping a friend with her baby shower’s dessert table, which then spiraled out of control to an obsession. I am a perfectionist and I am always trying my best to make everyone (including my customers!) happy. I love seeing the expression on my customer’s face, especially when it’s the little ones, when they receive their order. It is one of those “I can’t believe it” expression when I bring what was envisioned to life! I strive to make everyone’s cake pop and dessert table dream to a reality.


Baker & Customer Support

My name is Chris and I am the second baker. When the business started out, I was nervous about even helping out because I didn’t want to mess up on anything. However, I was asked to help out with small little task here and there and the next thing I knew, I ended up being the other baker! I learned that messing up somewhere along the lines, was a great learning experience for me because I am not able to contribute more. I do help out with some decorating but I am still learning, and that’s the best part!

Baker in San Francisco Bay Area bakery